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So The Ultimate WordPress Designer is a relatively new brand/website. And when I say relatively, I mean, I started it two weeks ago. In fact, as I write this, I haven’t even launched it yet!
I’m preparing this website as thoroughly as I can to get it out into the public eye as quickly as possible, and there’s a good chance that someone has already found it, since I’ve hooked it up to Jetpack and automated my social posts (hooray for laziness!). I want this website to be as fleshed out as possible before launching because websites that sell websites and have zero content (or outdated content) look ridiculous and untrustworthy. And I want you to trust me.

So what did I learn about websites this week? You have to iterate. Constantly.

I learned that the process of designing a new website on top of designing a new business requires a lot of research. I thought I was good to go a few days ago, when I only had a few pages up. Kinda forgot that I had to include a contact page and a few other super important things, like a lead generating tool. Luckily, I remembered my training (read: a shitload of doing this for other people and about a million podcasts) and sent out my website for feedback from a few trustworthy people.
I added three new pages and four new blogs, reorganized my menu and added widgets to my sidebars and footer. And you know what? I’ll probably do that again in a few weeks after I get some data back from my initial launch.
What I’ve got right now may not be the final version but it’s my minimum viable product (MVP in startup circles) and the absolute worst thing I could do with my MVP is keep it hidden until it’s “perfect”.

So I’m going to launch this bad boy on Monday, into the world… wide… web. HA!

It’s important to continuously iterate on your initial website concept. What works now may not work in the future. Not only that, but Google might change everything (because it can and always does) to force you to back track and start adding in schema and structured data and rich cards and… where was I? Raging at Google. Right. The point is, websites should always be evolving, just like your brand, just like you.

How do you know when you have to iterate? And reiterate? And reiterate?

I’ll definitely touch on this in a future blog post. For now, suffice to say that when you hear from your customers that you have a very confusing product and a piece of it is constantly breaking or there’s a missing piece and they can’t call support, you need to iterate. ITERATE. This word has now lost all meaning because I’ve written it like 13 times. But it’s true!
I’m excited to see what next week’s iteration looks like!

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