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My very first podcast, Her Name Is, was a great experiment in putting one together. Although it didn’t live a terribly long life, I learned SO much about what it takes to have a successful podcast.
And though I wasn’t using the show as podcast content marketing, it actually created an opportunity for my co-creator (the unmatchably awesome Jenny Tang) and I to develop and execute a brand, marketing strategy with about five bucks and all the talent we could muster. It was amazing.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, the success of your podcast might not be the ultimate goal of your company, right?

If you’re using a podcast as part of your marketing mix, your goal might be to drive traffic to your website or elevate your brand and build trust with potential clients. Let’s check in with my original goal, back when I started marketing The Ultimate WordPress Designer:

Goal: Develop client pipeline to increase revenue by 80% over the next three months through website sales.

And here are my supporting objective and tactics:

  • Objective: Increase traffic to website by 1000 new visitors over the next three months.
    • Tactics: Write, film and record original content that helps new business owners understand how to create their own websites and content strategies.

I know that my potential clients are looking for ways to boost their brands and get their products and services out there, so I want to provide them with tools to do that.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a trend here on part four of “How To Launch A Content Marketing Strategy”? It’s because I love you and I want you to succeed!

Similarly to the type of blog content I’m going to be producing, I want to keep my podcasts in line with the topics and themes. I want to make all of my content easy and convenient to access, so that my audience can consume it however they want to.
I myself am a huge fan of podcasts because I drive and run a lot, and I need something interesting to keep me going. I don’t tend to read long blog posts because I get distracted by something and go down a rabbit-hole elsewhere on the internet.

Oh my god I’m doing that right now. You want to hear about podcast content marketing, not about where I listen to podcasts. OKAY.

Let’s start with format. A few weeks ago we talked about three kinds of blogs you might want to write:

  • Educational
  • Founder story
  • Case studies/customer success stories

On a podcast, your founder story may give you one show, tops. If you’re going further than that, consider starting a personal interest podcast. People are tuning in to hear what your expertise is on a topic, not to hear what you ate for breakfast yesterday. However, the two other options, educational and case studies, are 100% perfect for a podcast format. You may even do a combo of the two, like this podcast!
Since I’m just getting started with The Ultimate WordPress Designer, I’m going to kick off my podcast by teaching people how to do things related to websites and content marketing. I’ll research and make notes on a specific topic and read it out to my listeners, conversationally.

Remember, you’re not a news-caster, you’re a person talking to another person.

Listening to one person talking will eventually get boring which is why so many people opt to have guests on their shows. This is a great way to make your listener feel like she’s part of the conversation too, which means she’ll retain a heck of a lot more information. In fact I honestly can’t think of a show that actually only uses one person all the time. Must be something to it then!

So what format should I choose for my podcast?

I’m going to go with an interview-style podcast where I learn from other people, who are experts in their fields, what they do and how they do it. In turn, my audience will learn about the topics and I’ll be providing significantly more value for the half-hour they’ll be spending listening to me. I’m going to choose topics like this:

  • How to set up various parts of WordPress
  • How to set up Shopify
  • Content marketing tips
  • New SEO best practices
  • AND MOOOOOREEEE! But you’ll have to listen to find out. 😉

Have you started a podcast for your content marketing strategy? What types of topics do you cover? Which format do you use? Tell us about your podcast in the comments below or drop me a line at [email protected], I’d love to add it to my subscriptions!

In a future post I promise to go through more details on podcasting, like which mic to use, how to load it into an aggregator or platform, and best practices for recording. Podcasting is so fun.
If you’re curious why Jenny and I stopped working on our podcast about creative women – the truth is, we got so inspired by their stories that we had to get out there and work on our own projects! I got into film and Jenny got into coding. Hopefully the show can still inspire a few more women to get out there and chase their dreams too!

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