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3 Ways To Repurpose Your Podcast Content For Video

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Today I’m going to give you three different ways that you repurpose your podcast audio for video content! Always be effective and efficient with your content production! Right? Right!

1. Audiograms


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In case you missed it, here’s episode 14 with @alicia.carrick!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ “The minute your health is sort of jeopardized you re-evaluate and say, I can’t care about a lot of the things I used to care about, so those are gonna come off the brain. And I can move forward with what I genuinely enjoy doing. And if that hurts some people or they don’t understand that, then you know, maybe it wasn’t worth the time to be hanging out. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ “But you make adjustments. And so I think I just had to really make some permanent adjustments to my work ethic as well as trying to maintain it. I just can’t fall into this or lose time in life, dictated by something I can’t really control, but what I can control is my stress levels. I really cemented the fact that I need to prioritize me in my own self care.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ “And so that became the era of saying no to things that I don’t really care to do. I’m speaking up a little bit more at my job I just made changes because I don’t want to lose time anymore.That was four months out of my life.” #business #inspiration #podcasting #motivation #entrepreneur #podcasts #podcaster #entrepreneurlife #startup #itunes #love #success #entrepreneurship #inspirational #marketing #art #startuplife #entrepreneurs #hustle #smallbusiness #mindset #goals #quotes #personaldevelopment #video #motivational #creative

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The first one that I want to share is an audiogram. An audiogram can be animated, or it can be karaoke style with text animating all the way through.

It’s very simple to put these together, you can use an app called Headliner. I have audiograms all throughout my feed, people love them.

It’s a very automated, simple process to do too! You just drop in a couple of seconds of the best part of your podcast episode, and Headliner does the rest!

2. Film While You Record!

Did you know that you can record video as you’re recording your audio? It’s true! Set up your audio recording through Zencastr, and set up a separate link for Zoom or Google Meet or whatever you want to use. Yes, you can record audio through Zoom, but it compresses the audio so aggressively that it sounds like butts. True, awful butts. Stick with Zencastr for virtual audio recordings!

Once you’ve got your podcast recorded, edit it the same way you normally would, but with a video editor like Premiere Pro or Rush or iMovie. Then, cut little clips out to share on Instagram or YouTube! Sound familiar? It’s because I do that all the time!

3. IG Live Recordings

The third one is very simple, use your IG Lives as full podcast episodes! This is the only one I don’t have an example for because I’ve never done an IG Live for anything other than selecting fart sound effects for my music video about Spanx. I didn’t think it really needed to be a podcast episode.

If you’re planning to do an interview or a talk on Instagram Live, download the video afterwards, take that audio and turn that into a podcast episode. You could also do a “best of” clip show!

It’s really all about repurposing your content and making sure that you’re being efficient and effective with your content.

If you want to hear more about video strategy, I interviewed Nia Lee from Socialee Savvy this week, and she is a treasure trove of magical video content ideas.

If you have other ideas about how to repurpose your podcast content for video, I’d love to hear them! Or, if you’re looking for other ways to repurpose your content, and you need some advice or some inspiration, leave a comment below and we can talk it through!

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