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Attracting The Right Customers With Your Podcast

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If you’ve ever felt like “gosh I hate working with this client,” you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to attract customers or client that are totally the wrong fit for you and your business, especially when you’re just getting started! So what can you do to start attracting customers with your podcast that you LOVE, even before the sales call? Give them a taste of what it’s like to work with you.

First, Start A Podcast!

(Here’s a handy lil mini course to help you do that!)

Obviously my favourite method to attract the right customers is through podcasting, because it gives potential clients an opportunity to engage with me before they click “book a discovery call.” They can decide for themselves if they like me, or if they don’t, just by listening to one episode. Heck, even a few minutes of an episode!

If you’re thinking “wow, Emily must have zillions of clients if she’s able to ignore that much opportunity to sell!” you’re wrong. I got extremely selective with my clients after burning out for … oh I don’t know, the 20th time in 2 years, and I had to make some very tough choices for my business.

Revenue dropped, but my time became freer to create. Creating more meant starting my podcast and launching my first course Podcast Rocket. Launching my first course Podcast Rocket meant a completely new revenue stream and more refined services. More refined services meant less stress about the things I know I hate doing, because I don’t have to do them. Less stress meant giving my select clients a more positive experience, and in turn, they started referring more of the right clients to me, which means now, revenue is up.

Before you can attract the right customers with your podcast, you need to let go of the idea that by saying no to work or clients that you know are going to totally suck. Yeah, it’s hard, but it’s SOOOOO worth it.

NOW. Let’s get into the real reason you’re here!

These are the steps I have taken to start attracting the right customers through my podcast:

Step 1: Think back to your why.

Give yourself some time to reflect on your goals and understand the motivations behind why you do what you do.

Step 2: Do an audience avatar exercise.

If you’ve never done one of these, you can find lots of templates with a quick Google search, or you can do the exercise I’ve created in my mini-course “How To Start A Podcast”.

The key here is to really focus on motivations to make decisions to inform the specifics of your show, such as:

  • The format
  • The types of guests you’ll have on
  • The tone and voice of your podcast

Step 3: Be yourself.

Give your listeners an opportunity to get to know the real you. Not the fake you with the weird voice you put on every time you go into “customer service” mode. WE ALL HAVE THAT WEIRD VOICE! Just be your normal self! If you’re being fake, you’ll attract the people that like fake you. And if you are not fake you, then you’re not going to like the leads that are coming your way. Right? Right.

Step 4: Create An Experience.

If, for example, you have a course that you are planning to sell in the near future and you want to drive mega sales, give your listeners a taste of what to expect if you are teaching them. Feedback that I’ve received is “I don’t feel like I’m in school when I’m listening to your podcast, so I don’t tune it out automatically.” This is awesome, obviously, because I always aim to create an experience for people to feel comfortable to learn. Also I definitely don’t want people to tune me out! The experience is so important – think back to your audience avatar and really dig into what motivates them to set the tone for your podcast.

Step 5: Close the lead.

What does your audience NEED? But actually? I could do episodes about how to edit your podcast perfectly, or how to write the most amazing show notes ever, but literally no one ever asks me about that. You wanna know what they ask me? They ask me how to attract the right customers, and how to make money with their podcasts. It’s mostly how to make money with podcasting honestly which is why next week, that’s exactly what I’m covering!

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Interested in starting a podcast? Take my mini-course “How To Start A Podcast!” It’s your next step to attracting the right customers with your podcasts!

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Attracting The Right Customers With Your Podcast

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