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Landing Big Name Guests with Wendy Wei

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If you are looking to move past the “newbie” podcaster phase and get through difficult podcasting challenges, this episode is for you. My guest (and coaching client) Wendy Wei and I talk about how she improved her interview skills, landed more high profile guests and most importantly – found her voice as the host of the Pexels Podcast, OverExposed.

And let me tell you, this episode is literally just one inspirational soundbite after another!

Wendy and I started working together a few months ago when she approached me to coach her for her podcast. She is a super researcher and learned that not only do I produce podcasts, but I’m also a performer and trained improviser/sketch comedian. Honestly it still blows my mind that she found me and sought out my mentorship! SO COOL!

But that’s Wendy. She’s exactly the type of person to seek out the people who will help her achieve her goals without hesitation. She sees others doing what she wants to do, and then she takes action to make it happen.

Wendy is a photographer who went to business school, and then landed an internship at Pexels. She loved it there so much, she decided to come up with a plan to make herself invaluable (again, inspiration party!). So she launched OverExposed, a podcast that interviews photographers to learn how they started and grew their businesses.

In this episode Wendy and I talk about:

  • Wendy’s story and how she became a photographer and podcaster
  • The biggest challenges she faced with her podcast
  • How we worked together to overcome those challenges
  • The one thing she wishes she had done sooner for her podcast
  • Wendy’s method to land big name guests

Her biggest focus in our work together has been developing ways to land her dream interview guests, and improve her interview skills to create truly inspiring content. Don’t worry, we break it down for you so you can do the same thing!

Wendy’s purpose? To inspire others to feel like they too can achieve all of their creative goals! And in this episode she’s going to share exactly how she does it with her podcast!

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Ultimate PodcSt Marketing episode 45 - Landing Big Name Podcast Guests with Wendy Wei. Photo of Wendy Wei, host of the Pexels Podcast, OverExposed

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