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The Podcast Episode Checklist

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Every podcast episode needs a little love to get on its way out into the world! Here is my podcast episode checklist, full of things that I like to put together for my clients that you can try out too!

Download the printable podcast episode checklist here!

1. Audio

  • Episode is edited together, cross fades and all, with an intro and outro
  • If applicable, a promo for an upcoming offer has been recorded and added (I like to add promos to the beginning so I don’t lose them at the end of an episode!)
  • Spot check the final export – just in case, listen to a few sections to make sure things sound right!

2. Show Notes

  • All links mentioned in the episode are noted and written out as full URLs – some podcast directories don’t like hyperlinks.
  • Notes are between 200-300 words and link to a corresponding blog post. Every episode I publish has a longer blog post to accompany the episode and when possible, I include a transcription.
  • CTA (call to action) is included – ask people to rate, review and subscribe! Remind them wherever you can! Also make sure you add specific links for your promos if you include them

3. Blog Post

  • Your blog post should include the complete show notes plus additional blog copy (i.e. transcriptions if applicable). Ideally this post is SEO optimized.
  • Applicable optins are embedded – always get those email addresses wherever you can!
  • The actual episode should be embedded near the top of the post so that people can listen right from your website
  • A featured image that is sized to fit your website’s layout

4. Marketing

  • A square audiogram for your Insta feed (check out Headliner)
  • A vertical audiogram for Insta Stories
  • A featured image sized for posting on other platforms (i.e. Facebook/Linkedin etc.)
  • A quote image for interview episodes, sized for all platforms
  • An email teaser with a button linking to the blog (or episode if you’re not using a blog)

There you have it! A podcast episode checklist to use for each episode you publish. Make things easy on yourself!

Download the printable podcast episode checklist here!

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