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The Ultimate Creative Season 2

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There’s a new season in town!

Ultimate Podcast Marketing is shifting focus to incorporate broader topics that will help creatives and entrepreneurs to grow their audiences and earn money through their podcast and video content, without the #hustle and grind. I’m SO excited about this because it means that I’ll be sharing more with you about my multi-hyphenate life, the challenges and magical things I face as an entrepreneur and a creative (specifically bridging the two together) and I’m going to be bringing in lots of guests to talk about different ways to use your creative powers to achieve a life you absolutely love!

So I decided that it made sense to start with a new season. I’m just over a year into this podcast, and if you’re a long-time listener you might recall that it actually started out as “The Ultimate Creative” podcast before it turned into Ultimate Podcast Marketing. When it began, the focus was actually closer to the shift we’re about to make with this new season. And that’s the beauty of having your own creative business, it grows and evolves with you, but the core values and core messaging don’t change that much.

In working with a business coach, Shelagh Cummins, I’ve been uncovering some of the core values that really drive me as a person, as well as a creative entrepreneur. Specifically, that I want to help people to earn money through their content. So whether you’re a creative that doesn’t believe you can actually make money with your art (yet) or if you’re an entrepreneur that doesn’t believe you can be creative (yet) the new take on The Ultimate Creative podcast is definitely going to bring you the inspiration you are craving, as well as actionable ideas you can take to accomplish your goals.

I’ve struggled for a really long time to figure out how to blend creativity and entrepreneurship together. It’s like there were always two pieces of me that just wanted to fight all the time, as though one couldn’t exist without the other. But the thing is, I exist, so therefore, they exist together. Seems simple enough but this journey has been something like 15 years in the making, and it’s still happening. Literally right now. And if you feel that disconnect – like there’s something that frustrates you about your business because it’s not creative enough, or that you can’t tap into your creativity and you feel stuck, or that you can’t use both of your creative and business skill sets together, I encourage you to join me in season 2, and engage with me about the topics we’ll be covering.

Now, I want to assure you that I still very much have my finger on the pulse of all things podcasting and I’m going to continue to be your go-to person for podcasting questions. In fact we’re still going to cover podcasting on this podcast, because I believe podcasts are such a great vehicle for sharing a message, building an audience and helping you to create a life you love. That’s not going away. All that’s happening is that we’re adding to this mix with conversations about your content, your videos, the messaging, how you tell stories, how you connect with your audience, and how you can monetize your content and/or become a thought leader.

At the heart of it, I just loooove to entertain. I think entertainment is truly the key to reaching the people you want to reach. So we’ll be covering different strategies to do this as well.

And finally, as I mentioned, I want to take a more intuitive, mindful approach to entrepreneurship and my business generally. So we’ll be getting into conversations with some amazing entrepreneurs and creators about their processes, and how they “balance” all of the pieces to stay away from burnout and overwhelm. These are things I’m constantly working on, so I know others are feeling the same.

I’d love to hear from you if there’s a content or creativity or entrepreneurship topic you’d like me to cover on this show. The Ultimate Creative is for you, it’s a path to help you achieve your dreams and shout it from on top of a mountain! So send me a voice memo on Instagram and let me know what’s going on in your journey, and we’ll cover it!

I can’t wait to dig in! And I hope you enjoy the first episode of season 2 with health and life coach, Chris Swail, as we tackle the topic of CHAOS and what the heck to do about it!

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