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Wealth Life Balance

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If you’re thinking about leaving your 9-5 to pursue your own business without sacrificing wealth, the Wealth Life Balance podcast is for you!

About The Podcast

Are you ready to live your life beyond the 9-5? Do you want to do work that lights you up, while wearing your comfiest pants… and get paid well to do it? The real talk, practical tips, and business strategies host Tasha Cochran be sharing in the Wealth Life Balance podcast will help you get there. Tasha Cochran is a former lawyer turned entrepreneur. She left a six-figure job doing work that she loved, because the future she saw ahead of her didn’t excite her. She wanted freedom, flexibility, and time with her family. In just two years she built a multi-six figure online business (while raising two kids and working her corporate day job) that allowed her to quit the 9-5, take back control of her schedule and pay herself a six-figure salary on her terms. Yes, that can be your life! And she’s going to show you how.

What To Expect

Tasha shares the behind the scenes of building a content-based online business. She started with a YouTube video, and built up her audience over time. She and her partner Joseph are the people behind the YouTube channel One Big Happy Life, a lifestyle channel that follows their family as they build wealth, make big changes and create the life of their dreams! And her new podcast, Wealth Life Balance, will help you do the same!

What I Love About it

Tasha consistently provides major inspiration and actionable strategies to move out of 9-5 careers that aren’t fulfilling, and into self-employment, without the fear!

The best is yet to come!

Download Wealth Life Balance wherever you get your podcasts! Find more at and follow Tasha on Instagram @onebighappylife

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