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Why does my podcast audio sound weird?

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Wondering why your podcast audio sounds weird even though you bought yourself a fancy microphone to record your podcast? Here are the most common reasons why your podcast audio sounds weird, and you’re not getting that pro quality recording you were promised!

1. You didn’t select the correct mic.

Believe it or not, this happens all the time! Your computer might automatically select its own built in mic, which is crap. Always double check!

2. You are too far away from your mic.

The general rule of thumb is to be about 6” away from your mic. Any further than that and you leave too much room for the sound to bounce around! Any closer than that and you’ll risk distorting the audio when it peaks. That’s what happens when your levels “go into the red”. The sound pressure hitting the sensor in your mic is too aggressive and it will cause a broken crackly effect.

3. You recorded in a room with hard surfaces.

Sound bounces around which makes audio sound “echoey.” So always record near soft surfaces that can absorb the sound for a more intimate and close feel.

4. You recorded over Zoom or a video call app.

Don’t get me started. The internet is great, but recording audio on the internet is not! Always record to your computer, not over wifi. Zoom will destroy your audio. I will very often get feedback from clients after an edit that the podcast audio sounds weird and muffled, or glitchy, or like it’s under water. This is because internet recording softwares (and more specifically the video call apps) use very aggressive compression as well as echo cancelling software. Very handy on a video call where someone is way too loud and you can hear them talking through everyone else’s speakers x4 but extremely bad for a proper podcast output!

Podcast audio still sounds weird?

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